Mobile through Registration

<PINCODE> <First Name> <Last Name>
for first time registration in directory of your city as per pincode,it will automatically
update State, Dist, City information & Password will be delivered on your mobile
no. from which sms is obtained>
e. g. 411001 Abhinav Bhutada

Registration with a group

<group> <PINCODE> <First Name> <Last Name>
If you want to register in the directory of your city and to join some
group use the given format. It makes you able to automatically add
you in a Group and your Password will be delivered on the mobile
no. from which sms is obtained.
e. g. ANNA 411001 Abhinav Bhutada
e. g. LOKMAT 411001 Abhinav Bhutada
e. g. SAKAL 411001 Abhinav Bhutada
e. g. ICongress 411001 Abhinav Bhutada
e. g. NCP 411001 Abhinav Bhutada
e. g. BJP 411001 Abhinav Bhutada

Adding Friends

There is provision of forming total 30 groups of friends/Relatives. First Group is considered as FR1 group(FR shortcut for Friend & Relative), second group is considered as FR2 and so on up to FR30. There is no need to add friend/Relative in Group FR1 , all friend/Relative added in any group from FR2 to FR30 are automatically considered in FR1 group (i.e. 1 is for all). You can add any no. of friend/relatives in any group but when u will try to send SMS from mobile, maximum 200 messages will be allowed free. If group is of more than 200 friends then message will not be allowed to that complete group. If your whole friend relative list is of more than 200 members then u cannot send message to all at a one go. You can give any name as per your requirement to all group from FR2 to FR30, Group 1 is reserved for ‘ALL’. You cannot rename it. You can actually rename the group names online(that facility is given in ‘Define Group’ menu of ‘Profile Setting’ menu of ‘View Profile’), but if u r using only mobile to add friends then just you yourself have to remember which group no. is used for which type of peoples. From Mobile u have to always say only FR1, FR2,…. & so on.
Example of naming different group is as follows :
FR1 – ALL                            FR2 – Friends
FR3 – Close Relatives            FR4 – Staff Members
FR5 – business Friends          &  so on up to FR30 as per your requirement.
You can Add/register your friends in your Friend Book from mobile by sending SMS in the following format. To add friend in group 2 i.e. to add in FR2 group type SMS as
FR2 < Friend’s Mobile No. > < Friend’s First Name > < Friend’s Last Name >
e.g. FR2  9420563330  Abhinav  Bhutada and send it to 9243100142. Your friend “Abhinav Bhutada” will be added in your group 2 and will be registered in your city also His login Password Message will be automatically sent on your friend’s mobile. In this way one by one u can add any no. of friends in different groups of ur friend book of All friends will be automatically added in group ‘01’ also.

       For group Messaging to all Friends in group

< group no.> <80 character Message>
To send same message to all friends of your group
following are some examples.
01 Hi friend how are you?
02 Pls come for a meeting
Message will be automatically sent to all the friends & relative who are
added in group ‘01’

Personal profile updation from mobile

NAME <Correct First Name> <Correct Last Name>
e.g. NAME Abhinav Bhutada
to change name of the owner. This feature is usefull if u have send wrong name first
time or usefull when same no. will be alotted by the company to some other one.
because low economy people generally change mobile no. vary fastly & non operative
mobile no is then realotted by the company & we are not keeping a provision to delete
the mobile no.

Area, Address & Date of Birth updation

a) AREA <Main Area Name of UR residance>
to provide main area of residance
e.g. AREA Kotharud
b) ADDRESS <Detail Address of ur residance>
to provide detail address of residance
e.g. ADDRESS Anand Nagar
c) PIN/PINCODE <XXXXXX pincode of ur new city>
to change city of registration
e.g. PIN 411001
d) DOB <Date of Birth in DD/MM/YYYY format>
to add your date of birth
e.g. DOB 31/03/1995

To change main registered mobile no.

to change main registered mobile no. send this message from your already registered
mobile no. your old mobile no. will be deleted, password will be reset, new password
will be sent on new registered mobile no.

Update your own group

GROUP <group keyword> to update your own group

Update MSEB meter consumer no.

MSEB <12 digit consumer no. > or
MSEDCL <12 digit consumer no.>
to Update your MSEB electric meter consumer no. so as to receive
your recent electric bill every month on your mobile by SMS.

To receive your password

to receive own password of login on “”

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