How do I use com?

com is an easy to use portal. It is an online mobile directory of India. It is useful to see any details of all cities of India. You can use it to send unlimited free SMS to all your friends & relatives. You can freely send non-commercial SMS only to your friends & relatives. You can use it to maintain & update your profile. Whenever you will update your details, those will be automatically shared to your friends & relatives. You will get password on your mobile after your direct registration or whenever your friend or relative register you on com web portal.

What do I need in order to become Come2mycity user?

All you need is a valid Indian mobile number.

Is it FREE or Do I have to pay to send SMS from com?

It’s absolutely free. We charge from our advertisers. Advertiser’s funds for user communication. com will not deduct or charge from Mobile users of any network (GSM/CDMA).

Can I send Free SMS using com via my Mobile?
Yes, you can send free SMS via any mobile. There is no need of GPRS enabled mobile phoneRead More....

Why Only 160/2 (=80) characters? Why not 160?
Out of standard size of 160 characters we allow 80 characters s for user’s message, rest of the characters will be filled with 60 characters of Ad & 20 characters for "via com". This helps receiver to identify how the message has been sent, in case of any abusive messages one can complain to us and we will fix the issue.  Read More....
Can I send SMS to other countries?
As this is a portal with mobile directory of india & as you can send SMS to registered users only, therefore other country SMS are not allowed.

Is there any option to unsubscribe the receiving of ads along with SMS?
Ads are our funding partners. The SMS characters that you send is 80 characters and the rest of the characters is the platform for Ads. So one can’t unsubscribe it.

How many Friends & relative I can add?
As many as you can. Unlimited.  Read More....

How many SMS I can Send in a day?
You can send unlimited SMS in a day to your registered friends & relative only.  Read More....

Can I send SMS to 'STD' Mobile Numbers?
Yes Of course, you can send SMS to any mobile network in India. All you have to do is add your friend & relative of any state of INDIA, add his 10 DIGIT mobile number and send quick SMS or group SMS.

How long does message delivery take?
Message is delivered in few seconds. Some time message may get delayed due to network problem or due to heavy quantity of Bulk SMS. Read More....

How can I delete my entry from Mobile Directory?
You can send a mail to support@com and request them to delete the entry from online mobile directory.

For how many months I will be registered in online mobile directory?
As long as you are interested & as you or your friends are interested to send messages to each other.

When does the registered Mobile number will be deleted from the directory?
When we find that the respective user is not accessing his/ her account for more than 6 months it will be deleted.

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